Acoustic Brotherhood of Country

Who are we...

Everyone of these four musicians have their own career and style. They all know how to find their way in Country Music and how to play it. And for that they respect each other very much.


Because there is one passion they share. And that's Acoustic music. Especially Country and singer/songwriter music. Everyone of them has his own style, but they support each other when the play. As they showed on many different shows in Belgium and the Netherlands. In whatever combination they play.


But never before did they play all four of them together. Since 2015 Robert and Robbie had plans to play acoustic sessions in a multiple formation. But due to the many bookings of some of them it may never came so far. Until on eday Robbie forced them to set a date.


They are no band and there is no guarantee to book them as a four-men formation. They play whenever their individual schedule allows them to.


HAVING FUN is their Motto. And if possible play in front of an small audience

4 well known names , 4 Styles , 4 toughts , 4 unique voices , melting together into something whenever it can.

That’s ABC... Acoustic Brotherhood of Country


See ya, somewhere on the road....


Robbie, Kris, Robert en Brett